Costeño Beach is the first and only fully functioning Surf Camp in the area. We offer a great variety of boards for all types of surfers and wave conditions.

The Caribbean coast of Colombia might not be the most renowned surf destination, but we are sure you will have an unforgettable surf experience in these warm friendly waters.

A great break is right in front of the Costeño Beach property, but trips to other surf breaks can be arranged.

We have had our surf school here for many years and know the waters like the back of our hands. At Costeño Beach we ensure your safety in the water, and will be sure to provide you with the best surf experience the area has to offer.

Other Activities

Costeño Beach is uniquely situated in an area abundant in wildlife and natural beauty. This allows us to offer great hikes and adventures in the area for those who want even more from their time here.

We also offer daily yoga classes and massages with onsite masseurs.